WTA Betting Profits

WTA Betting Profits

“Watch & Learn How we used a Simple Strategy to Win Over £300 betting on WTA Tennis Matches in 5 DAYS (June 2019)!”

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WTA Betting Profits Is On Offer!

Tennis schedules are reduced at present (Covid19).
But they’re picking up as the days go by!
Get £30.00 OFF the regular price of £129.99 & pay only £99.99 today.

Quick Introduction Video

We followed our own strategy based on a few SIMPLE principles, based on FACTS about WTA players and their matches in general, to turn a £200 starting bankroll on Monday, into over £500.00 by Friday, making over £300 profit. Here’s how…

Click on the image below to play the video:

This Product is a Winner!

Make sure you’ve watched the video above!

This strategy made over £300.00 PROFIT in a week, after losses and Betfair commissions have been deducted.

We did this using Betfair Exchange, but we could have used ANY betting site that allows in-play Tennis Betting.

We’ll PROVE it to you, by showing you EXACTLY what we bet on, and explain WHY we placed those bets.

You’ll see EVERY SINGLE bet we placed from Monday to Friday.

We’ll login to Betfair and show you the betting history live on video, and we’ll GIVE YOU the actual spreadsheet of bets downloaded directly from Betfair.

This is 100% transparency, nothing to hide, you’ll see every bet and every profit and loss.

You’ll understand everything, and you’ll be able to make betting decisions just like we did, using what you’ve learned from this unique case study.

This is a Case Study (What’s That?)

WTA Betting Profits is a case study, detailing exactly how we bet on Women’s Tennis Matches, what strategy we used, and what our results were. We picked 15 random WTA matches during a week in June, watched them all and followed our betting chart (strategy). This product explains exactly what happened and why.

It is similar to a usual ‘betting systems’ except you will have to decide on your own bankroll, bet amounts, and when to use it.

But we show you EVERYTHING we did, and explain why we did it.

You can use this to apply the strategy to your own bets, and make money from WTA Tennis Matches.

THIS IS UNIQUE and is not based on our other Tennis System or 5-Step Betfair Profits.

To see the profits we made, watch our Proof of Profits video further down this page.

What Makes This SOOO Good?

We already have an existing Tennis System, but this new WTA Betting Profits uses a different strategy.

This is specifically designed for betting on WTA Matches (Ladies Tennis).

There are some BIG DIFFERENCES between Men’s and Women’s Tennis – we capitalise on this.

This product is for ANYONE that wants to learn how to make money from betting on WTA Tennis Matches.

Perhaps we should be asking “Who wants to make money by watching live Tennis?

All you need to do is pick a match a watch, and follow the Betting Chart – it’s that simple.

Introducing WTA Betting Profits

Our WTA Betting Profits will work at any betting site that allows in-play betting on Tennis Matches..

HOW This Strategy Works

This strategy works because a lot of WTA matches (Women’s matches) follow certain paths.  This is NOT the same for Men’s matches.  There are a bunch of factors that relate specifically to Women’s Tennis, which we use to our advantage.  Just a few of these are things like… most matches ending in 2 sets, most players don’t have a big first serve, and the Women break each others serve a lot more than the Men.  But there’s much more to it than that!

We’ve eliminated the need to even research the players before the match!

It couldn’t be easier – you simply pick a WTA Tennis Match to watch online or on TV, then use our betting chart (strategy) to decide which player to bet on, to win the match.

Follow our specially designed Betting Chart to place a bet shortly AFTER the match begins (you’ll know when).

We strongly advise you to WATCH the match you decide to bet on – we watched all of the ones we bet on.

Then you’ll either leave that bet for the duration of the match, or you may ‘cash out’ or trade in-play if the match follows a certain path – but the betting chart will tell you exactly what to do and when to do it, so there’s no guesswork.

After watching the two videos included with the product, you’ll know exactly how this works and what to do.

NOTE: This is NOT based on our other Betting Systems.

How much to bet on each match

This is completely up to you. On average we bet around £50 on each match.

However, on some matches it was more like £20 and others we bet £200+ if it was low odds.

We didn’t set any stop-loss limit or target amount, and so we bet what we were comfortable with at the time, based on the odds offered.

Your bankroll can be as low as £100

You can start with just £100.00 GBP (or whatever your currency is USD, EUR, AUS).

However, it’s UP TO YOU how much you start with – we started with £200 in our bankroll.

After 5 days of betting on 15 matches in total, we ended up with over £500 in our bankroll.

Why you NEED to get this NOW

We bet on WTA matches, end of June 2019, and made these profits.

We believe this is the most relevant and up-to-date information you get on making profits from WTA Tennis matches – this was achieved LAST MONTH – it’s completely brand new and relevant for ladies tennis over Summer 2019, and beyond!

Even if you don’t usually bet on tennis or sports – just get this now and learn the strategy we followed in order to achieve this, because it’ll NEVER be more relevant than right now, at this time. We’re also GIVING IT AWAY at a ridiculous low price, never to be repeated.

If you’ve already got our original Tennis System, that’s great, but you need to get this too! Why? Because THIS is totally focussed and based on the most recent matches, how they’re playing right now on grass, and it’s what’s working RIGHT NOW, TODAY.

Our original Tennis System is great for tennis betting in general, ATP, WTA, Doubles, Challenger and ITF matches – but it requires you to pick matches based on researching the players and their odds.

Is this just for Wimbledon?

No, this is not just for Wimbledon.  This can be used any time in the future for WTA Tennis Matches.

However, there will never be a better time to use this as there are so many matches on right now, and will be during the US Open next month too.

But the great news is that Tennis is played all year round, and you will be able to use this during any WTA event.

Features and Benefits

  • Use with any WTA Match
  • Simple and Easy to follow
  • Use ANY betting site offering in-play bets
  • No player research required
  • No historical stats to check
  • No software to install or run
  • Works with Betfair Exchange
  • 100% LEGAL TO USE
  • Download to any PC or MAC computer

Why you need to watch the matches

You need to watch the matches you bet on because we’re not going to do any pre-match research on the players or their form.  Instead, we’re going to be watching how both players start the match, seeing how they serve, how they play on this surface, and noting if they start well.

As the match goes on, we need to be able to see if there’s a big momentum change, a medical timeout, signs of fatigue, or if the match isn’t going as predicted.

Whilst it is possible to watch the odds and live stats to get a lot of this information, we would strongly suggest watching every match you choose to bet on.

Proof of Profits Video

In this video you will see how many matches we bet on, how much was bet and how much was won or lost:

NOTE: The profits we achieved are from our own efforts using WTA Betting Profits.

Questions & Answers

Is this similar to your other Tennis System?

NO, this strategy is completely different to our previous Tennis System.

Is this just for Wimbledon?

NO, this can be use for ANY WTA (Women’s) Tennis Tournament.

Do I HAVE to use Betfair Exchange?
NO, you can use any online betting exchange or betting site that allows you to bet IN-PLAY (during) Tennis Matches.

What do I need to get started?

A basic knowledge of Tennis (how the game and scoring works), a copy of this product, an account with Betfair (or a similar betting site) and a starting bankroll.


YES, we watched every match we bet on. We believe this is important IF you’re not doing ANY pre-match research on the players. However, it MAY be possible to get away with only watching the first few minutes of a match, and then monitoring the odds online (without watching a live video feed) – however, we have not tried this ourselves..

I am not in the UK, can I use this system in the USA or outside the UK?

YES, this is not a UK-specific strategy.

What currency can I use?

Whatever currency your betting site uses. Pounds, euros, dollars – it’s all good.

What should my starting bankroll be?

A minimum of £100. Anything over that is also fine. We started with £200.

How much will I have to stake for each bet?

That will be up to you, whatever you’re comfortable with.

What’s the difference between a ‘Case Study’ and a ‘Betting System’?

A case study shows you what happened, using a particular strategy, during a specific time period, and what the results were. It’s showing you what we achieved, and how we achieved it. A betting system is more of a step-by-step explanation of what YOU can do, using a particular strategy, usually based on months of testing.

What market do we bet on?

In this strategy, you’ll see us betting on the Outright Winner (Match Odds). This means we’ll be betting on one of the players to WIN the current match. Sometimes cashing out or trading during the match will be required.

Is this based on any other Betting System?

No. This system (strategy) is unique to FlamingTorch.

Is this still working TODAY?

YES. This product is BRAND NEW.  Besides, we regularly check our products every few months to ensure they’re still working. If something changes with the game that affects our betting strategy, we update the system accordingly.

Can I use this to bet on ATP (Mens) Tennis?

No, probably not. It’s not designed for that, it’s for WTA Tennis Matches only.

What is this designed to do?

We designed this system to be a method for winning money from betting on WTA Tennis Matches.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No, all sales are final as you cannot return a digital downloadable product. This is the same policy Apple and Amazon have on their digital downloads.
Genuine customers understand this. They know that they need to invest in new systems if they want to LEARN and understand more about a game. If you keep doing what you currently do, you’ll keep getting the results you currently get! You need to invest to improve.

What happens after I make payment?

After making payment and completing the checkout, you’ll receive an email within a few minutes containing a download link to get your product. Your download link will also be available in your Order History inside Your Account on our website.

What EXACTLY will I receive in my download?

When you download your product, you will receive a ZIP file which will be saved to your computer. Inside the ZIP file will be a folder containing the files that make up this product (Videos and PDF Documents). See the section below titled ‘Here’s What You’ll Receive‘ to see the contents.

What happens if I don’t receive my download link by email?

You should receive an email within a few minutes after ordering containing a download link to get your product. If not, your download link will also be available in your Order History inside Your Account on our website.
You can also Contact Us and we’ll reply and help you right away (usually within a few hours).

What happens if I need HELP?

If you have any questions you can Contact Us and we’ll reply and help you right away (usually within a few hours).

Can I ORDER on a mobile device (iPhone/iPad)?

YES, you can place your order on a mobile device BUT you must download the actual product to a PC or MAC computer (desktop or laptop). After ordering on your mobile device, you’ll receive a download link by email – so just check your email on your PC or MAC and click your download link to get your product.

Can I DOWNLOAD the product on a mobile device (iPhone/iPad)?

NO, you must download the product to a PC or MAC computer (desktop or laptop). You can ORDER on your phone or tablet, and after ordering on your mobile device, you’ll receive a download link by email – so just check your email on your PC or MAC and click your download link to get your product.

Important Requirements

  • Basic Tennis Knowledge – You should know the rules of the game and how the scores work at least. If you’ve ever bet on Tennis before then you’ll know more than enough!
  • Watch the Match Live – You should be able to watch the matches you bet on, either online (via betting sites) or via some other way (like on TV).
  • PC or MAC Computer (desktop or laptop) in order to open the ZIP File and access the product (you can order on mobile or tablet and download to your computer as we email your download link to you after purchase).
  • Good Internet Connection needed to download your product (any broadband speed, 1mbps or more).
  • PDF Viewer installed to open documents (if not, get for free HERE).
  • Media Player installed to watch videos (if not, get for free HERE).

If you’re unsure of anything just Contact Us.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

This downloadable product consists of:

2 x VIDEOS (approx. 67mins teaching/demos)
1 x PDF MANUAL (explaining the system)

1 x Betting Chart PDF
2 x Spreadsheets

After purchasing you will download a ZIP file.

Inside the ZIP file will be a folder containing the files that make up this product.

Open the ZIP file, then drag the folder on to your desktop. This folder is now uncompressed and ready for you to access the Videos & PDF’s that make up this product.


Customer Reviews

These are some genuine customer reviews.

★★★★★ Already won £421.82
by Jeff Gordon, in July 2020

I loved the way this was presented as a case study showing exactly what you did and how you did it. I used what I learned from your videos and manual during what must be a one of the hardest times for betting on Tennis – during the coronavirus pandemic! Was was betting on ladies exhibition matches (they’re basically wta tournaments without spectators or with very few of them) and have already exceeded your results in my first week. I’ve made £421.82 profit basically following your strategy and it wasn’t even hard. Yes, it could be beginners luck, but time will tell. I just had to write you a review to say thanks for this superb material!

★★★★☆ Nice case study
by Les Hammond, in September 2019

OK first of all I missed that this was a case study (i thought it was a ‘system’) but looking back I can see you’ve mentioned it many times – so for a case study it’s perfectly acceptable. It’s not hard to see how we can simply use what you teach and apply it ourselves, I just would of liked a ‘system’ with you telling me exactly what to do rather than what you did and I have to apply the strategy myself. But I understand that would of taken a lot more betting, tests, results and time/effort.  So for what it is, it’s a nice case study and it shows great results and real promise.

★★★★★ Very good job
by Anna Harris, in July 2019

Nice work as usual from you guys, easy to follow and understand. I was over the moon to see you’d released this because I love betting on tennis, especially wta matches. I must say you included some real gems in here, not just the strategy you used but the tips – you are absolutely correct about how the sets usually go with wta matches. I haven’t used the strategy yet myself but after betting on tennis for over 10 years I can totally see that this will work out positive in most situations for most wta matches – very good job guys!

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