Woman wins nearly $2M playing slot machine

A woman won nearly $2 million playing a slot machine at a casino in Prince Albert, Sask.

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) announced Tuesday it is the largest slot machine jackpot ever won at its casinos.


Jacqueline Ironstand-Bird, a furniture sales entrepreneur from Prince Albert, won a $1,953,049.35 Smoke Signals slot machine jackpot at the Northern Lights Casino.

Smoke Signals is Saskatchewan’s largest progressive jackpot, which links 44 slot machines at all six SIGA casinos.

“We have been eager to see which of our six casinos would experience a patron winning it. I can say I was certainly pleased to see someone win it at the Northern Lights Casino,” said Richard Ahenakew, general manager at Northern Lights Casino.

The last time the main slot machine jackpot was won was in March 2014, when registered nurse Doris Staflund won $1,159,434 at the casino.

Players love slot machines since they are anything but difficult to play and gambling clubs love them since they are significantly more productive than some other amusements.

Their productivity originates from odds and sheer volume of players who play on them. What is interesting is, regardless of whether heaps of players love video slot machines, the greater part of them don’t see how they function, and no casino will give you this data as it is a competitive innovation.

source: http://globalnews.ca/