Vegas Trip


Adam went to Las Vegas for 10 days to test our new 20/20 Roulette System.
He posted daily video updates on this page (newest at the top).

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Wednesday 28th August 2019 – Finally… The Results are in!

From AdamGuys, I have LOVED sharing these video updates with you and being in Vegas and i’m happy to report the 20/20 was a success!  I came out here with $2,000 and using the system over 10 days has turned it into $5,455.  Not quite enough to pay for the whole trip but it was amazing, especially bouncing back after a few losses along the way.  I’m really happy to be releasing it to you.

Tuesday 27th August 2019 – Where’s the time going!? Update from Adam’s hotel room.

From AdamBankroll currently stands at over $5,000 now thanks to 3 winning sessions earlier today! I’ll be playing again tonight/tomorrow and doing possibly my last video update tomorrow – A longer ‘wrap up’ video going over EVERYTHING in detail, the sessions, wins, losses, and i’ll show you the cash (win or lose) we’ve made using the 20/20 System on this trip! Can’t believe this trip is almost over – but i’m loving it here and 20/20 is holding up so far!

Monday 26th August 2019 – Had a losing session today, but i’m still up overall!

From AdamBankroll currently stands at $4,260, we’ve had 3 losing sessions total so far, i’ll be playing again tomorrow and doing another video update for Tuesday night, and then on Wednesday night i’ll do a longer ‘wrap up’ video going over EVERYTHING in detail, the sessions, wins, losses, and i’ll show you the cash (win or lose) we’ve made using the 20/20 System on this trip!

Sunday 25th August 2019 – Got told off for recording, but went to the Grand Canyon!

From AdamWe had an amazing time visiting the Grand Canyon by helicopter today – OMG it was breath-taking, well worth the visit if you’re ever in Vegas! I’ll be playing the 20/20 Roulette System again tonight/tomorrow and will update you with the progress tomorrow!

Saturday 24th August 2019 – It’s getting busy in Vegas

From AdamNext video update will be around 4pm Sunday afternoon my time, so around midnight Sunday night UK time 🙂 – Adam.

Friday 23rd August 2019 – Progress so far…

From StuThe 20/20 Roulette System is due to be added to the website and launched at a discount on Friday 30th August

From AdamSo far so good guys! Happy to report things are going well and i’m not stopping yet… got loads planned over the weekend but will make time to post another video update tomorrow night (vegas time)! – Adam.

Thursday 22nd August 2019 – Freemont Street (old town Vegas) and Bouncing back after previous loss.

From AdamJust a short update video guys, i’ve played and won many session since yesterday. Tomorrow i’ll do a longer video talking more specifically about the wins / loss, and how much / how many sessions – just been trying to fit so much in right now! More shoutouts tomorrow as well guys, thanks for sticking with me so far! – Adam.

Wednesday 21st August 2019 – A few shoutouts, first losing session

From StuA few people have messaged in to ask about how much Adam lost in this session. It was $1,000, which sounds big but it’s all relative. He’s winning at least $200 for each winning session, and he’s had many of those now – he’ll make a video with actual amounts in a couple of days after he’s been there a bit longer and played more sessions. 

From AdamWalking along the strip last night was incredible, check out this volcano outside the Mirage Hotel & Casino! Here’s a few shoutouts but I KNOW i’ve got lots more to do and will get to them in coming videos… I appreciate all the tips and advice, Alan Piazza, LV Bob, Matt Reams, ‘Swan’, Anthony Evans, Peter Sturgeon, Mervyn Fung, Ian Evans and Andrei Huminski – Thanks for your well wishes. I had my first losing session today, but it’s all good guys, i’ll bounce back! – Adam.

Tuesday 20th August 2019 – Had my first win, now at the Bellagio

From AdamSo many of you have kindly sent messages! I’ll do some shoutouts & thank you’s tomorrow! I got on the tables for a while at the Venetian yesterday and made a profit of $260, so that’s my first win of the trip! (Starting bankroll was $2,000, turned it onto $2,260). I’m not sure about filming at the tables, but as i’ve just got started here there’s not much more to report right now except it’s REALLY HOT outside and i’ll report more (with more details) in the coming days. – Adam.

Monday (night) 19th August 2019 – Just Landed, Hotel & Casino

Note: Guys i’ve joined these 3 clips together on my phone to make one video and upload it asap, please excuse the quality! – Adam.

Monday 19th August 2019 – At the Airport

Sunday 18th August 2019 – Announcing Vegas Trip

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