The Best ROULETTE STRATEGY to Win – Full Guide

If you’re searching for the best roulette strategy to win, then get ready for our ultimate guide to using roulette strategies and what we believe is the best roulette strategy to win money from the casinos (online or land-based).

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Using a Roulette Strategy to Win Big

If you need to win at roulette, you have to use a roulette system or strategy.

Using a solid roulette strategy is the only way to win big.

Most roulette players will try using multiple roulette strategies over the years as they get more experience playing roulette. It’s human nature to want to learn more and improve at something you enjoy or are trying to achieve.

The easiest strategy roulette players tend to use first, is a simple roulette strategy such as the Martingale system. This is a very basic roulette system that involves doubling your bet each time you lose (or win, if playing the reverse Martingale system).

Even today many people still believe the best roulette strategy to use is the Doubling strategy, a very simple roulette strategy that anyone can use.

It’s basically another name for the Martingale method. However, as everyone eventually learns, this system just doesn’t work due to casino table limits.

The Best Roulette Strategy 2020

Some people believe that the Martingale system is the best roulette strategy ever. However, while it may be true that it could possibly be the best well-known roulette strategy ever, it certainly is not the best in terms of performance. In fact it’s pretty bad.

You may have heard of the James Bond roulette strategy. This strategy works by basically covering all the numbers on the roulette table except Numbers 1 to 12. It even covers zero.

As long as the ball lands on a number (or zero) 13 or above, it will produce profits.

However, there are still 12 numbers on the board that’s not being covered! And this is where the system/strategy falls down.

If you get a run of low numbers then the James Bond roulette strategy will wipe out your profits or even your entire bankroll. This system is not recommended.

Using modern technology, such as mini roulette computers and mobile phones, a new casino roulette strategy that works by scanning the ball and wheel as they spin has proven very profitable.

A few years ago a small Eastern European team used an electronic device to win £1.3mil from the Ritz Hotel Casino in London. You can read the full story here. They were arrested and investigated for suspected cheating.

Roulette computers are small home-made devices that are disguised as (or fit inside) mobile phones or other similar everyday items.

It is definitely not recommended that you try to make one, purchase one or use one. Even if they are not illegal to use in your country, you risk getting interrogated, banned and arrested if caught using any kind of electronic device.

Using a Roulette Betting Strategy

These days there tends to be more players looking for an online roulette strategy to beat the casinos. Online casino usage is far greater then land-based casino usage.

When it comes to betting strategies to use on certain types of roulette wheel, it often pays to use a strategy specifically for that type of wheel.

As there are only really two types of wheel, American and European, it can be a good idea to have an American Roulette strategy and a separate European Roulette strategy.

The difference between the two wheels is usually the addition of a 00 on the American roulette wheels. This means that European roulette wheels give the player better odds of winning in almost every case. Look for ‘European Roulette’ online where possible.

If you’re reading this page and you’re just looking for a roulette strategy that works, then you should understand that there are actually many roulette strategies that work. Some work better than others of course, with a few of them standing out above the rest.

The most successful roulette strategy you can use is one which minimises your losses and maximises your profits.

A strategy that does this coupled with good money management, a target amount to win, and a stop-loss, is as good as it gets. The most successful roulette strategy players know these principles and stick to them.

A Free Roulette Strategy That Works

You’ve probably heard the phrase you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, this is often true, especially when it comes to roulette betting systems.

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Be careful and wary of any strategy given away for free.

When you are looking for a free roulette strategy that works, you will often come across strategies and systems that are actually cleverly disguised affiliate offers.

What this means is, the strategy is given to you for free, and you are advised to use it at particular casino. When you sign up to that casino, the author, website, or promoter of that strategy will often get a commission from the casino for sending them a new customer (you!).

If this is the case, it’s no surprise they give the strategy away for free! For this reason you should always be wary of free roulette strategies that you find.

This is not to say that there are no free roulette strategies that work. There are to a certain degree. The question is, how do you find one that actually works?

One free roulette strategy that works and that you can use right away is…

The Parlay System

The Parlay System is a simple betting strategy you can use for roulette. You don’t have to stick to even money bets, although most people do.

The method begins with the player deciding on how much they want to win (let’s say £50).

Next, you create a small sequence of say THREE bets that would collectively win you £50 profit if they all were to win.

For example:

Bet-1 – £10 on RED – (if we win we’ll have £10 profit)
Bet-2 – £20 on ODD – (if we win we’ll have £30 profit)
Bet-3 – £20 on HIGH – (if we win we’ll have £50 profit)

Another example:

Bet-1 – £10 on BLACK – (if we win we’ll have £10 profit)
Bet-2 – £10 on RED – (if we win we’ll have £20 profit)
Bet-3 – £15 on 1st Dozen (pays 2 to 1) – (if we win we’ll have £50 profit)

If at any time you lose a spin, you go back to the first bet. When you win 3 bets in a row and reach your target amount, stop betting and walk away with your profit.

More Free Strategies for Roulette

Here’s an interesting chart based on our own survey data:

types of roulette strategies

As you can see, 90% of roulette players use NO betting strategy or a FREE betting strategy when playing roulette.

Only 10% of players use a strategy they’ve paid for.

This is perfectly fine of course, most players do not get serious about winning money from roulette until they’ve suffered many losses. This is when many players seek to buy and invest in learning better strategies.

But again, from our survey data, look who gets the best RESULTS:

which strategies win the most money

Isn’t the chart above much more interesting!?

It clearly shows that people WIN the MOST from roulette when using a roulette strategy (free or paid for).

That’s 90% of players WINNING more when they use a strategy, and 60% win the most when they use a roulette strategy they’ve bought and paid for.

The systems you BUY are the ones you will use properly, and are likely to be newer and have the most work/research and testing.

By now you probably know using free strategies for roulette is not the best approach for betting on roulette. However, many of you will still be interested in learning some free strategies, and so here are some of the more popular ones.

The Labouchère System

This method of betting on roulette is meant to be used on even money bets. To begin, a player decides how much they want to win, and then makes a sequence of numbers in a line, that equals that amount.

For example, the player decides they want to win £10. They could make a sequence as follows: 2-1-3-2-1-1

With each bet, the player bets the amount equal to the first and last numbers in the sequence. When only one number remains, that is the amount to bet for the last spin.

If a bet wins, the two amounts are deleted from the sequence. If the bet loses, the amount lost is added to the end of the sequence.

This process continues until either the sequence is completely crossed out, at which point the desired amount of money has been won, or until you run out of money.

The D’Alembert System

This betting system is a negative progression system. It is mainly used when making even money bets such as red or black. Before you begin, you must decide what your base staking unit will be. Let’s use the example of £5.

After every losing bet, the stake for the next bet must increase by one base staking unit. In this example, after each losing bet you would increase the wager by £5 for the next spin.

After every winning bet, the stake for the following spin should decrease by one base staking unit, or in our case it should decrease by £5.

If a spin is won at a stake of only one unit, then it remains the same for the following spin.

Your betting ends when you have reached your desired amount of profit or when you have run out of money.

The Fibonacci System

This system is also known as the ‘natural progression’ system. It uses a very specific sequence of numbers as follows:

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610

You will be betting on even money bets such as red or black for each spin. Decide on a base unit before you begin, and in this example we will use £1.

Following the sequence above, for the first spin you will bet £1. If you lose a spin, you move onto the next number in the sequence.

You then bet this amount of units on the very next spin. It’s important that you always remember where you are in the sequence.

After a winning spin, you move backwards TWO places in the sequence. This is the amount that you need to bet for the next spin. When you lose a spin you move forward, when you win a spin you moved backwards. One step forward, two steps back.

Your betting ends when you have reached your desired amount of profit or when you have run out of money.

Playing a Live Roulette Strategy To Win

It doesn’t really matter if you’re playing Live Roulette, Live Dealer Roulette, or playing on a real Roulette wheel in a land-based casino. Most roulette strategies can be used.

The difference between using a live roulette strategy or an online roulette strategy is often just down to time. When playing online it’s a lot quicker and easier to re-bet.

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Playing live dealer online or at a real casino (either playing automatic roulette with a real wheel, electronic roulette or sitting at a real table) is slower and can mean having to place chips on the table again for each spin.

For this reason, you definitely want to use a live roulette strategy that is easy to follow and quick to use. You don’t want to be using anything complicated.

If you’re playing an organic roulette strategy or a mini roulette strategy, the same thing applies. Keep it simple, make sure it’s easy to remember and quick to use.

At a real casino you can often find the odd person playing some kind of ‘cover the table roulette strategy’. This involves placing a lot of chips on the table for each spin, trying to cover most of the numbers. This should be avoided because it’s time consuming and ultimately doesn’t work.

The safest roulette strategy you can play in live dealer roulette situations, is one which is quick to use and easy to remember.

For a free roulette system that works reasonably well you can try the Parlay method.

Otherwise the FlamingTorch Original Roulette System or even Adams Roulette System will work great in live situations.

The BEST Roulette Wheel Strategy for Real Casinos

This roulette wheel strategy is specifically for using on real roulette wheels only, at real land-based casinos. This will not work for and kind of online roulette, live dealer or RNG.

The strategy that works the best for real roulette wheels is called Wheel Bias.

The Wheel Bias Strategy is also called a number of other names such as, Biased Roulette Wheel, The Roulette Wheel Bias, The Bias System, The Biased System and more.

If you spin a roulette wheel thousands and thousands of times, you will start to notice a pattern. That wheel will have a tendency to have the ball land on a certain number, or group of numbers, more often than all the others. This is called Wheel Bias.

This bias is unique to that particular roulette wheel. And every wheel is different. Even two identical wheels manufactured at the same time will have different bias.

If you can get the spin logs from the last few thousands spins, or record them yourself for a particular wheel, it’s possible you will see a pattern and be able to exploit it.

This is not theory, it’s real, and it’s been done on small scales many times. It’s also been done at least once on a large scale (Millions) by Gonzalo García Pelayo and his family.

Wheel Bias is one of the BEST strategies to use on a REAL roulette wheel. The problem is that the average person doesn’t have the time it takes to even begin to analyse a roulette wheel.

Casinos also try to combat this bias by changing the wheels around from the bases from time to time, so the bias completely changes on each wheel.

The BEST Roulette Strategy

By now you’re probably wondering what is THE BEST roulette strategy to use when playing roulette. Well it depends on where you’re playing and how much time you’ve got.

If you’re playing at a real land-based casino with loads of spare time, looking for a biased wheel can pay off big time. It’s a proven method of making money from roulette.

But for 99.9% of roulette players, using the Wheel Bias method just isn’t possible.

If you’re playing online at a Live Dealer Roulette game (it has a real video feed of a real wheel) then it’s similar to playing at a real casino.

betting quotation

Using any roulette betting strategy is usually better than using none. So for simplicity stick with one of the free methods mentioned above.

If you want BETTER RESULTS then check out either the FlamingTorch Original Roulette System or even Adams Roulette System as both work great on live wheels.

If you’re playing online using an RNG Roulette game (a random number generator game, completely computerised) then it’s a bit different.

Firstly, you need to ensure you’re playing at a reputable website.

This is essential because you want to minimize the risk of the websites game cheating. This may happen by programming the software to force players to lose. Afterall, it’s a computer game, right? Who would know if they actually did that or not?

Luckily, the well-know online casinos have an audit done by an external company for randomness.

So in general you can rest assured that playing at a reputable casino website is safe.

If playing RNG roulette games, we’d recommend The V3 Roulette System as it’s perfectly designed for RNG use, and Live Dealer online use.

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Failing that, use either this Roulette System or Adams Roulette System for great results on RNG roulette games.