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“Learn the Tennis System method we used to make over £3,000 betting on Tennis Matches in 90 days

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We used this simple Tennis Betting Strategy to make consistent profits betting on Live Tennis Matches for over 18 MONTHS!

During one 90 day period it made over £3,000.

This system will show you how to bet on Live Tennis Matches and make a profit no matter which player actually wins the match. When you can bet on BOTH players, you can guarantee a win!

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY – We show you the exact process and method on how to select profitable matches, and how to place a strategic bet during the match to ensure a win regardless of who wins.

FULL VIDEO INSTRUCTION – Everything you need to learn is explained in our Videos for easy viewing. There is no User Manual included with this system as a lot of things need demonstrating visually.

Introduction Video

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How This System Works

You need to identify which matches to bet on, which player to bet on first, and when to place a bet on the other player to guarantee a win regardless of which player ends up winning.

You also need to know how much to bet on which player, and how to minimise a potential loss if it looks likely to happen.

Finally, you need a strategy to switch your bet around quickly in case a player gets injured during a match and retires early.


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Still Working in 2017

Even though we first released this system back in 2011, the strategy is STILL WORKING today.

Every year we run our system through a test and make sure they are still profitable. If anything needs updating we do it. Most of the time nothing needs changing and our systems still work perfectly fine.

Our tennis system is no exception.

Apart from improving the audio, removing some irrelevant material, and adding a few new video clips showing the new layout of certain sites (like Betfair), nothing has changed.

The strategy used is solid and can be used ALL YEAR ROUND betting on tennis matches.


PROOF of Winnings

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Features and Benefits

  • Simple to learn Step-By-Step
  • Bet on Mens/Women’s Tennis
  • Bet on Tennis all year round
  • Play at Betfair or other sites
  • NO Tennis Knowledge Required
  • Play in ANY accepted currency (£,$,Eu)
  • Choose your own bankroll
  • No software to install or run
  • Potential for BIG profits
  • 100% LEGAL TO USE
  • Download to any PC or MAC computer

Please note:

In our videos, we are using to place our bets. You DO NOT have to use Betfair. You can use ANY online bookie or sportsbook that offers Tennis Betting, as long as you are able to place a bet IN-PLAY (during the matches).

Not all betting sites allow you to place in-play bets (bets after the match has begun). and DO ALLOW in-play bets, and you can view the odds in decimal or fractional odds.

This betting system uses DECIMAL ODDS (that is what is referred to in all the videos).

If you are not used to decimal odds, you can usually switch between the two types on most betting sites, or you can use an online ‘decimal to fractional odds converter’ to work out the odds (if you are used to fractional odds).

Questions & Answers

Where can I use this system?
Betfair is where we used the system, but you can use any betting site that allows in-play betting (ie. Bet365).

Do I need to know about Tennis?
Not really, as long as you know the basics of the scoring (points, games, sets) then that should be enough. If you’ve ever watched a Tennis match and understood what’s going on, you will be fine!

What bankroll is required?
Any amount over £100 (100 of your currency).

Do I have to TRADE in play (bet during the matches)?
Yes. The system works by picking certain matches (based on our criteria) and betting BEFORE they begin. But, you need to be able to place at least one bet DURING the match in order to guarantee a win or minimise a loss.

Do I have to WATCH each match I bet on?
Not exactly. If you can, then great – watch them and bet accordingly as advised. If you cannot watch the matches you bet on, you must AT LEAST be able to keep an eye on the scores ( and place a bet during the match based on the score if certain things happen. So YES watch if you can, or monitor the scores if not.

Can I bet on ATP & WTA matches?
Yes, you can bet on both.

Can I bet on Doubles matches?
Yes, you can if the odds are right.

How much will I be betting?
You could bet whatever you like! But the amount you bet on each match depends on how likely you are to win that bet. Making our profits from Tennis, a lot of the bets we placed were in the £50 to £150 range.

What if this is too complicated for me to understand?
It will NOT be complicated and you will easily understand everything – everything is step by step. You can also email us anytime you need help or have a question – support(AT) or use the contact page on this site.

Is there a money-back guarantee?
No, all sales are final as you cannot return a digital downloadable product. This is the same policy Apple and Amazon have on their digital downloads.
Genuine customers understand this. They know that they need to invest in new systems if they want to LEARN and understand more about a game. If you keep doing what you currently do, you’ll keep getting the results you currently get! You need to invest to improve.

What happens after I make payment?
After making payment and completing the checkout, you’ll receive an email within a few minutes containing a download link to get your product. Your download link will also be available in your Order History inside Your Account on our website.

What happens if I don’t receive my download link by email?
You should receive an email within a few minutes after ordering containing a download link to get your product. If not, your download link will also be available in your Order History inside Your Account on our website.
You can also Contact Us and we’ll reply and help you right away (usually within a few hours).

What happens if I need HELP?
If you have any questions you can Contact Us and we’ll reply and help you right away (usually within a few hours).

Can I ORDER on a mobile device (iPhone/iPad)?
YES, you can place your order on a mobile device BUT you must download the actual product to a PC or MAC computer (desktop or laptop). After ordering on your mobile device, you’ll receive a download link by email – so just check your email on your PC or MAC and click your download link to get your product.

Can I DOWNLOAD the product on a mobile device (iPhone/iPad)?
NO, you must download the product to a PC or MAC computer (desktop or laptop). You can ORDER on your phone or tablet, and after ordering on your mobile device, you’ll receive a download link by email – so just check your email on your PC or MAC and click your download link to get your product.

Important Requirements

  • Betfair/Bet365 Account OR use of a betting site that allows you to place in-play bets (bet during the matches).
  • PC or MAC Computer (desktop or laptop) in order to open the ZIP File and access the product (you can order on mobile or tablet and download to your computer as we email your download link to you after purchase).
  • Good Internet Connection needed to download your product (any broadband speed, 1mbps or more).
  • PDF Viewer installed to open documents (if not, get for free HERE).
  • Media Player installed to watch videos (if not, get for free HERE).

If you’re unsure of anything just Contact Us.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

This betting system product consists of:

3 x VIDEOS (54 mins teaching/demos)
1 x READ ME (html document)
 (where to watch)
2 x DOCUMENTS (plan & faq)

After purchasing you will download a ZIP file.

Inside the ZIP file will be a folder containing the files that make up this product.

Open the ZIP file, then drag the folder onto your desktop. This folder is now uncompressed and ready for you to access the Videos & PDF’s that make up this system.

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Customer Reviews

These are some genuine customer reviews.

★★★★☆ Still works
by Ryan Fox, on 7th 

I’ve only had this system a few weeks but i’m happy to report it still works even though it was first released in 2011. It’s had a make-over in 2017 to keep the videos current, but the actual strategy of choosing the matches and when to trade in play is still the same and still working. Made exactly £284 profit so far, so it’s going well.

★★★★☆ Game, set & win!
by James Weaver, in

This system is profitable and easy to learn. The only downside is having to watch the matches live. I know you don’t have to, but for me, I’d rather watch them live instead of watching the scores online in case of an injury during the match. I’m happy with the product, it’s paid for itself already.

★★★★☆ Tennis profits
by Michael Gardner, in

I’m new to betting on tennis and now i’m making profits using this system. I’ve seen a lot of tennis on TV over the years and was curious to see if there are any betting systems out there. I found this one, reasonably priced and gave it a go. The videos are well made and the system is explained very well. It’s easy to follow and so far it’s been working well for me.

★★★☆☆ Not much time
by Jeff Martin, in August 2015

Would of been better if I didn’t have to watch the matches. I don’t have much time to watch Tennis. I’d prefer to just place bets and leave them. Having to bet during the matches is a not easy for me. If you have the time i’m sure you’d do well.

★★★★☆ Thanks guys!
by Stu Robinson, in June 2013

Great solid betting system for tennis. Only issue for me is having to bet during the matches. If I could avoid that, then this would be perfect. Having said that, I have actually just used the match selection process you teach to pick matches. No betting in-play, just choosing the matches and betting on them at the start and letting them run. I know it’s more risky, but i’ve had good results with just doing that.

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