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Frequently Asked Questions


What is this website about?
Betting Systems and betting related strategies and information.

Who is this website for?
This website is for sports and casino betting enthusiasts.

If I buy a betting system, how will I receive it?
You will receive a Download Link by email, and you can also download your purchases from within your account (you will register for an account when you order).


What format are the Downloads in?
When you purchase a betting system, you will download a ZIP file.
This a single file that contains all the Videos & Documents that make up the betting system. Once downloaded, you open the ZIP file (by double clicking on it) and it should automatically show you the contents, ready for you to drag and drop (move) on to your desktop and open.

Can I open and view your products on my mobile phone, ipad or tablet?
No, most mobile devices have trouble opening ZIP files. You need to open and view them on a PC or MAC laptop or desktop computer. You will get a download link by email after ordering, so you can ORDER on a mobile device and download later on a computer.

How do I download a product after purchasing?
After payment you’ll be brought back to this website automatically and taken to a page to download your item(s).  You should also get an email within 5 minutes of making payment, containing a link to your download page, so you can download later if you ordered on a mobile device.

What happens if I’m having trouble downloading?
Please Contact Us and we’ll help you.


What payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal, or card payments through PayPal.

What if I can’t use PayPal?
We can accept NETELLER if you Contact Us and ask for that option.
You can also Contact Us to see if we can accept any other methods.

Can I ORDER on my mobile phone, ipad or tablet?
YES. This website is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. You can ORDER on a mobile device, but you must download your item(s) on a PC or MAC laptop or desktop computer.

After payment you’ll be brought back to this website automatically.  You should receive an email within a few minutes, containing your Download Link(s), so you can download your item(s) immediately or later if you ordered on a mobile device.

I’ve paid, but haven’t received anything?
Within a few minutes of ordering you should receive an email from us containing your Download Link(s). If you not, check your Spam/Junk folders. If it’s not there, you can come back to this website, login to Your Account, and view your past orders. Your order will be listed here WITH your Download Link(s) ready for you to click and download. If you have any problems, simply Contact Us and we’ll help you.


What happens if I didn’t get my product?
Please Contact Us and we’ll give you a new Download Link ASAP.

What happens if I ordered on a mobile and can’t download?
You should download on a computer using your download link (as mentioned many times on this site already). If you have no access to a computer, a friend/relative/neighbour or colleague maybe able to help. Some customers have been known to use a work computer or library computer to download. If you’re really stuck with no access, please Contact Us and we’ll create a different Download Link for you, so you can view your product on your mobile device (but we need to do this manually and your access will only be temporary – so it’s better for you to download and keep your products on a computer of some kind).

Can I return a product?
No, returns are not possible. All our products on this website are downloadable products. They are information products. Therefore, once downloaded they cannot possibly be returned, since you will always have the copy you downloaded on your computer.

Can I get a refund?
No, refunds are not possible on download products because they cannot be returned. All sales are final as these are information products. Once you’ve downloaded the product you accept it cannot be returned for a refund. Most retailers have the same policy on downloaded movies, games and music these days. Once downloaded, they cannot be returned and therefore refunds cannot be given.

What happens if I’m unhappy?
Please Contact Us and we’ll do our best to help you.


How do I REGISTER for a new account?
You will be asked to register when you place your first order. You cannot register without placing an order.

How do I LOGIN to my account?
You can login to your account HERE.

How do I view my past orders?
Just login to your account HERE.

How do I RE-DOWNLOAD a product?
Login to your account HERE. Find the order in question and you will see a download link for you to click and re-download that product again if you need to. Please note that download links DO expire after a certain number of clicks and a certain amount of time. If you need an expired link re-activated please Contact Us.

Having trouble logging in?
Please Contact Us and we’ll do our best to help you.



Can I access my OLD account?
If you created an account and placed orders before July 2018, then you would have been using our OLD WEBSITE. Due to technology advancements, none of the OLD customer accounts or orders are available on our new website (this website).

If for any reason you wish to login to your OLD account, you can still do so for a LIMITED TIME by copying and pasting the following link into your browser: http://flamingtorch.co.uk/newstore/index.php?act=login

Most of our OLD website has been taken offline, and we offer no guarantees of access, or that it will even work for you.

All new AND existing customers should create a NEW ACCOUNT when making their FIRST purchase on THIS new website, and use it for placing orders and downloading products from now on.


If you need to contact us: CLICK HERE