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Not sure where to start?

We often get asked ‘Which betting system is the best?‘ or ‘Which system should I get first?‘ – and the answer is that it depends on your requirements.

ALL of our betting systems are working betting strategies. But they have different levels of risk, bankroll requirements, and some are for use with Betfair, or specific Casino Games or Sports.

Here’s some advice:

If you’re NEW to betting on Casino Games, you might want to try our Original Roulette System, or Blackjack System – both are very easy to learn, they’re affordable & don’t need huge bankrolls.

If you’ve been playing Casino Games for years and are looking for new systems & strategies, then try our X10 Blackjack System or our 20/20 Roulette System.

A FANTASTIC Roulette System that is VERY LOW RISK and uses small bets is our V3 Roulette System.

If you’re into Sports then ANY of our Sports Betting Systems will be great, but our 5 Step Betfair Profits will help you make money from many different 1 on 1 Sports using Betfair (mainly sports with 2 players, such as darts, snooker, tennis, badminton, boxing, MMA, UFC, table tennis and more).

Do you play Betfair Exchange Games? – Get our Turbo5 Betting System and start making money from Turbo Hi-Lo on Betfair Exchange! This system is LOW RISK & FAST at producing profits from Turbo Hi-Lo.

Looking for something more affordable? – Then check out our ‘Betfair System 3.0‘ which is slightly higher risk than Turbo5 but is made specifically to be used on the Standard Hi-Lo game on Betfair Exchange Games.

Looking for a Money Management System for Casino Games? – Then get our 90/10 Betting System! This system is our premium Money Management System which can be used on multiple Casino Games (roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more).

I hope this helps you decide where to start, but if you’re still unsure just drop us a line and ask!