Betfair System

Betfair System

This Betfair System makes consistent profits from the game ‘Hi-Lo’ (standard version) in Exchange Games, without any special software.

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★★★★ Reviews
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● No software required
● Uses the Betfair website
● Standard Hi-Lo game
● 100% Legal to Use


This original Betfair System is still working and the strategy is still valid, but the videos are a few years old. Go ahead and order if you wish – BUT we have a Brand New Betfair System 3.0 with an improved strategy and HD Videos for 2021. View it HERE.

Make Money on Betfair Games

We teach you how to do it, VIDEO instruction, step by step – possibly the easiest and most convenient way to make money on the internet! A few hours a week could net you over £1,000 a month – JUST WATCH US DO IT AND COPY US!

“We Just Wanted a System That Worked!!”

When we started looking at Betfair Exchange Games, we didn’t think it would be hard to find a system on the market that worked well and we could use to make money.

We must of tried every major Betfair System and piece of betting software looking for a reliable & profitable solution. There seems to be an endless choice of Betfair Products to try out. But, most of them are a complete waste of time.

All we wanted was SOMETHING that was EASY to understand, simple to use, and make money from.

Introducing a Betfair System for Hi-Lo that works

After looking at everything on the market, we knew there was a gap for a system that doesn’t require software, can be run from any browser, is very easy to use, and above all – actually makes money!

How Our System Works

This Hi-Lo Betting System is designed to work with the Betfair STANDARD Hi-Lo Game.

The system works by showing you what to bet on before a new game, and helps you minimise the chance of losing a game if it looks likely to occur.

It’s not complicated. All you need to do is watch and learn from Video 1, showing you what to do.

We advise that you have a target, a stop-loss, and that you play in ‘sessions’.
This ensures you play the game with the best chance of keeping your winnings.
For example, you may have a target of £50 per session, and stop-loss of -£100.
This means you stop playing when you either win £50 or lose £100.

By doing this, If you lose a session, it will only take 2 winning sessions to win back that loss.

IMPORTANT FACT:  The bet you place is VERY LIKELY to win compared to the other possible bets. This means you WIN MORE GAMES THAN YOU LOSE with this betfair system.  This is a fact and 100% truthful.  You win most games.  All you need is a Betfair Account and your standard web browser to play the Hi-Lo game.

Video Demonstration

Press play and watch the video below:

Features and Benefits

  • Uses the Betfair Standard HI-LO game
  • You can bet on EVERY game if you wish
  • Doesn’t risk your entire bankroll in any single game
  • Easy to use with any web browser
  • No progressive betting required
  • No trigger events to wait for
  • No lengthy manuals to read
  • No software to install or run
  • 100% LEGAL TO USE
  • Our system really works & its only available here.

Customer Questions & Answers

Is this system based on any other Betfair System on the market?

No. This system is our own method, unique to FlamingTorch originally conceived in 2008.

Is this system still working TODAY?

YES. We regularly check the game and our system every few months to ensure it’s still working. If something changes with the game that affects our betting strategy, we update the system accordingly. Therefore, you can rest assured the system is still working today.

Are Betfair Games RIGGED or ‘FIXED’ to force us to lose?

No. Betfair Exchange Games are community games. This means each game is the same exact game for every user who is playing at the same time. Betfair cannot ‘rig’ or ‘fix’ these games to force YOU in particular to lose. We agree it can FEEL like it sometimes, but it simply cannot be true when we are all playing the exact same game with the exact same cards.

What do I need to get started?

An account with Betfair, a copy of this betting system and a bankroll to start with.

What should my starting bankroll be?

You will need £130 minimum (or euros/dollars) but ideally you should have £250 to start with.

Is this a ‘get rich quick’ system?

No. That’s not possible unless you take huge risks with huge amounts of money. It’s MUCH better to win large amounts of money over time, with many small regular wins. You should aim to win no more than 50 units (or £50.00) each session as this is perfectly attainable with our system in a short amount of time (under 30 minutes!).

What is this system designed to do?

We designed this system as a consistent way to profit from Betfair Exchange Games. Winning consistently does not mean winning every single bet (which is impossible!) it means winning more sessions than losing.

Can I use this on other websites?

NO. This betfair system is specifically designed for Betfair only, and the Standard Version of their Hi-Lo Exchange Game..

Can I win regular amounts of money, like £500-£1000 per month?

YES it’s possible. That’s what this system was designed for. We cannot guarantee any particular amounts but it’s perfectly possible that you could win this amount using this system.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No, all sales are final as you cannot return a digital downloadable product. This is the same policy Apple and Amazon have on their digital downloads.
Genuine customers understand this. They know that they need to invest in new systems if they want to LEARN and understand more about a game. If you keep doing what you currently do, you’ll keep getting the results you currently get! You need to invest to improve.

What happens after I make payment?

After making payment and completing the checkout, you’ll receive an email within a few minutes containing a download link to get your product. Your download link will also be available in your Order History inside Your Account on our website.

What EXACTLY will I receive in my download?

When you download your product, you will receive a ZIP file which will be saved to your computer. Inside the ZIP file will be a folder containing the 4 files that make up this product. 2 x Videos and 1 x PDF Document and 1 x Read-Me Document. Open the ZIP file, then drag the folder on to your desktop. This folder is now ready for you to access and view the Videos & Documents that make up this system.

What happens if I don’t receive my download link by email?

You should receive an email within a few minutes after ordering containing a download link to get your product. If not, your download link will also be available in your Order History inside Your Account on our website.
You can also Contact Us and we’ll reply and help you right away (usually within a few hours).

What happens if I need HELP?

If you have any questions you can Contact Us and we’ll reply and help you right away (usually within a few hours).

Can I ORDER on a mobile device (iPhone/iPad)?

YES, you can place your order on a mobile device BUT you must download the actual product to a PC or MAC computer (desktop or laptop). After ordering on your mobile device, you’ll receive a download link by email – so just check your email on your PC or MAC and click your download link to get your product.

Can I DOWNLOAD the product on a mobile device (iPhone/iPad)?

NO, you must download the product to a PC or MAC computer (desktop or laptop). You can ORDER on your phone or tablet, and after ordering on your mobile device, you’ll receive a download link by email – so just check your email on your PC or MAC and click your download link to get your product.

System Requirements

  • You must have an account with
  • You must be able to access Betfair Exchange Games (not all countries allow this)
  • PC or MAC Computer (desktop or laptop) in order to open the ZIP File and access the product (you can order on mobile or tablet and download to your computer as we email your download link to you after purchase).
  • Good Internet Connection to download your product (Broadband, ADSL, DSL, anything better than 3G or Dial-Up).
  • PDF Viewer installed to open the PDF manuals (if not, download for free HERE).
  • Media Player installed to playback and watch the videos (if not, download for free HERE).

If you or are unsure of anything, just Contact Us for a fast response.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

This betting system product consists of VIDEOS and a DOCUMENT (it is not software).

After purchasing you will download a ZIP file.

Inside the ZIP file will be a folder containing the files that make up this product.

Open the ZIP file, then drag the folder on to your desktop. This folder is now uncompressed and ready for you to access and view the Videos & PDF that make up this system.


Customer Reviews

These are some genuine customer reviews.

★★★★★ This system is brilliant
by Dawn Myers, on 27th
Thanks for your previous support, it’s much appreciated. I have already made a profit using this system and we be checking back regularly for any new systems you design and have for sale. Thanks again, this Betfair system is brilliant.

★★★★☆ I am very happy
by Peter Clare, in
I didn’t realise how big the download would be. Downloading using dial-up was not much fun. However, the 45 minute video was worth the wait. The betfair system is clearly explained and easy to learn. I found the PDF a useful addition. After 2 weeks of use i’m up £180, so i’m very happy with that.

★★★★★ This system saved me
by Carlton Lomax, in
Your betfair system saved me from a whole load of trouble. I am not working right now and my cars clutch failed last week costing me £250 for the repair. I paid for it out of my £450 PROFIT from using this system for 4 weeks.  Tax-free cash made from sitting at home! Thanks again.

★★★★☆ Profit in under 30 minutes
by John James, in
Hi, I hope you post this on your website. After getting this betfair system and testing it out, I made a profit in under 30 minutes. Using the standard version was more profitable than the turbo version, however the standard version is slower. If this worked just as well for the turbo version of hi-lo i’d give you 5 stars!

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We personally reply to all emails and we don’t use automated responses. We are on hand to answer any questions you have about your product, at any time. Just send us an email or use the Contact Us page.


Download your copy of our Original Betfair System right now and start winning! Learn to play the game a better way with our easy to follow instructional videos. Click the Add to Cart button below.


£54.99 GBP
£74.99 GBP
If you order on a mobile device, that’s OK! But you must download the product on a PC or MAC computer. Don’t worry, we’ll email you a download link.