90/10 Betting System

90/10 Betting System

Discover How Our 90/10 Betting System Wins Money From Many Casino Games And Just Keeps Winning!

9010 betting system
£199.99 GBP
Saving £97.01 Today
£297.00 GBP
★★★★ Reviews
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● No Software Required
● Use At Any Online Casino
● Use In Land-Based Casinos
● 100% Legal to Use

This is NOT Your Average Betting System!

If you’re looking for LOW RISK, long-term, consistent profits from casino games, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Using this 90/10 Betting System has consistently made us an average of 40% profit on our bankroll each month, prior to its release.

In the last 30 DAYS before its release, it made us over £1,000 Profit (placing small bets).

You can use this system with MANY DIFFERENT CASINO GAMES. It’s a versatile bet management system that is very LOW RISK as it protects 90% of your bankroll at all times, every session you play.

You’ve probably not seen anything like this before!

Use at ANY online casino.

Works with MULTIPLE Casino Games – Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and more!

Undetectable to Online Casinos – they’ll never suspect you’re using a system like this!

Quick Introduction Video

Click on the image below to play the video:

Video 2 is further down this page where we show you live demonstrations of the 90/10 Betting System being used on various casino games. We also have a third video on this page showing Proof of Winnings using this system. Keep reading below to learn more.

SCREW the Casinos!

This system teaches a tried and tested, solid method for winning money from casino games.

The casinos are always trying to screw us out of our money, so it’s time we turned the tables on them.

We hate losing and love winning. But the casinos love us to lose and hate us winning.

We can’t alter the odds of the casino games, but we can choose how much to bet and when to stop.

When playing any casino game, you often are up (in profit) for a while before you either stop or lose everything.

We’ve developed this system specifically to protect your bankroll, get you in profit and teach you exactly when to quit (keeping your profits!). Also, no other betting system is as versatile as this!

Introducing our 90/10 System

If you enjoy casino games, get ready to LOVE them because you’ll be winning money using our 90/10 Betting System!

9010 betting system

How Our System Works

Our 90/10 Betting System is based on something called the ‘90/10 Rule‘.

The ’90/10 Rule’ is a business principle that teaches that 90% of X comes from 10% of Y.

X and Y can be almost anything.

Examples would be, 90% of problems come from 10% of your customers. Or, 90% of your staff work hard, whilst 10% do not.

This rule can be applied to many things, including betting and gambling.

90% of your profits, will come from 10% of your bets.

90% of the time you won’t get 20, 21, or Blackjack, but 10% of the time you will.

90% of your Roulette line bets will lose, while 10% of them will win.

None of these rules are precise, they’re generalised. But they are very often true and largely accurate. In fact, when you really look into this, you find either the 90/10 Rule or the 80/20 Rule can be applied to almost everything – it’s weird!

This is what we based our 90/10 System on. Protecting 90% of your bankroll at all times, whilst only playing with 10%. Then, whilst playing the casino game of your choice, we’re following the 90/10 Betting Chart that we developed. This chart is the key to making the system work. We’re only aiming to win a small amount each session, but using the 90/10 System means it’s EASY TO WIN, and our bankroll is protected!

This system is extremely profitable, reliable, and versatile!

Video 2 – Live Demos

Press play and watch the video below:

Features and Benefits

  • Creates steady profits over & over
  • Protects 90% of your bankroll
  • Use at ANY online or land-based Casino
  • Play in ANY accepted currency (£,$,Eu)
  • Min starting bankroll £100 (100 chips)
  • No software to install or run
  • Works with most casino games
  • 100% LEGAL TO USE
  • Download to any PC or MAC computer

But that’s hardly scratching the surface! This betting system is the ONE betting system you can use for virtually any casino game. You can play at almost any online casino or land-based casino. You can choose your bankroll amount (anything over 100 chips). This system puts YOU in control and teaches you how to make profits repeatedly from betting online.


Proof of Winnings

The video below shows PROFITS made using this system during ONE MONTH.

How much you can win depends on much you bet, based on how big your starting bankroll is. The larger your starting bankroll, the larger your bets, and potential winnings will be. There can be no guarantees of specific amounts, but let’s be totally clear…


Press play and watch the video below:

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t have to use Betfair!

You can use any online or offline casino.

Betfair slightly changes its look/appearance & the way you do things every now and then. They actually have a lot MORE Live Dealer and RNG Casino Games available today, with nicer graphics than when we shot our videos.

There is no need to ‘Transfer’ funds from your ‘Main Wallet’ to your ‘Casino Wallet’ inside Betfair anymore in order to bet on their Casino Games.  When we shot our videos you had to do that in Betfair, but not anymore. Today, as long as you have funds in your ‘Main Wallet’ the casino games will just use these when you play the games. Just be sure to keep a note of how much you’re allocating to each session & what your target is. If it’s easier you can always transfer your entire main wallet bankroll into your ‘exchange games’ wallet, then transfer 10% back to your main wallet for playing with the Casino Games. By doing this, you’re effectively using your exchange games wallet as your main wallet, and your main wallet as your casino wallet.

Also, the Casino Cashier is still there, there’s just a different way to access it. If you want to get to the casino cashier ‘profit report’ these days, this is what you do:

Log into your Betfair Account
Click ‘Live Casino’
Click ‘My Account’ drop-down menu
Click ‘My Casino Account’
(betfair cashier opens)
Click on ‘My Account’
Click on ‘Profit Report’

Questions & Answers

Why should I get this system over any other system?

This system is very low risk, produces long-term profits, can be used with many casino games, online or offline, can be used any time of day 24/7, and you choose the bankroll – it’s versatile and profitable.

Is the system easy to understand?

The system is step-by-step, easy to use with nearly 2 hours of video.

What do I need to get started?

This betting system and a bankroll.

What currency can I use?

Whatever currency your casino uses. Pounds, euros, dollars – it’s all good.

What should my starting bankroll be?

You will need £100 minimum (or 100 chips). We recommend £500 or more if you can afford it. Bigger bankroll = bigger profits.

How big are the bets I’ll be placing?

The bets vary based on the size of your bankroll. They could be as low as £1 (1 chip).

Where can I use this betting system?

Any Casino. Online or land-based.

Is this system based on any other Betting System?

No. This system is unique to FlamingTorch originally conceived in 2011.

Betfair looks a bit different in your videos compared to today?

Betfair is constantly updating the ‘look’ of their website. Whilst the ‘look’ (graphics) has changed since we made these videos, the basic games, and their rules/odds are still the same. We used Betfair in our videos, but you can use ANY betting site.

Is this system still working TODAY?

YES. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because it was originally released in 2011 it’s no good today! Wrong! It’s SOLID and works JUST AS WELL TODAY as it did when it was released. CASINO GAMES DON’T CHANGE. We regularly check the games and our systems every few months to ensure they’re still working. If something changes with the game that affects our betting strategy, we update the system accordingly.

Are Online Games ‘FIXED’ to force us to lose?

No, probably not. Every casino game has a house edge in-built so there’s no reason for LEGITIMATE online casinos to cheat. Independent software audits would be able to spot ‘rigged’ or ‘fixed’ games and casinos risk massive fines, damaged reputation, and losing their license. We agree it can FEEL like the game is cheating us sometimes, but it’s almost definitely not. To be SURE of this, you can play online at Live Dealer casinos.

Is this a ‘get rich quick’ system?

Definitely Not. That’s not possible unless you take huge risks with huge amounts of money. It’s MUCH better to win large amounts of money over time, with many small regular wins.

What is this system designed to do?

We designed this system to be a method for winning money from casino games long-term. Lots of SMALL regular wins from many quick sessions.

Can I win regular amounts of money, like £250-£500 per month?

YES, it’s possible. That’s what this system was designed for. We cannot guarantee any particular amounts but it’s perfectly possible that you could win this amount using this system.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No, all sales are final as you cannot return a digital downloadable product. This is the same policy Apple and Amazon have on their digital downloads.
Genuine customers understand this. They know that they need to invest in new systems if they want to LEARN and understand more about a game. If you keep doing what you currently do, you’ll keep getting the results you currently get! You need to invest to improve.

What happens after I make payment?

After making payment and completing the checkout, you’ll receive an email within a few minutes containing a download link to get your product. Your download link will also be available in your Order History inside Your Account on our website.

What EXACTLY will I receive in my download?

When you download your product, you will receive a ZIP file which will be saved to your computer. Inside the ZIP file will be a folder containing the files that make up this product (Videos and PDF Documents). See the section below titled ‘Here’s What You’ll Receive‘ to see the contents.

What happens if I don’t receive my download link by email?

You should receive an email within a few minutes after ordering containing a download link to get your product. If not, your download link will also be available in your Order History inside Your Account on our website.
You can also Contact Us and we’ll reply and help you right away (usually within a few hours).

What happens if I need HELP?

If you have any questions you can Contact Us and we’ll reply and help you right away (usually within a few hours).

Can I ORDER on a mobile device (iPhone/iPad)?

YES, you can place your order on a mobile device BUT you must download the actual product to a PC or MAC computer (desktop or laptop). After ordering on your mobile device, you’ll receive a download link by email – so just check your email on your PC or MAC and click your download link to get your product.

Can I DOWNLOAD the product on a mobile device (iPhone/iPad)?

NO, you must download the product to a PC or MAC computer (desktop or laptop). You can ORDER on your phone or tablet, and after ordering on your mobile device, you’ll receive a download link by email – so just check your email on your PC or MAC and click your download link to get your product.

Important Requirements

  • Bankroll – You must have at least 100 chips (500 recommended) to start.
  • PC or MAC Computer (desktop or laptop) in order to open the ZIP File and access the product (you can order on mobile or tablet and download to your computer as we email your download link to you after purchase).
  • Good Internet Connection needed to download your product (any broadband speed, 1mbps or more).
  • PDF Viewer installed to open documents (if not, get for free HERE).
  • Media Player installed to watch videos (if not, get for free HERE).

If you’re unsure of anything just Contact Us.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

This betting system product consists of:

4 x VIDEOS (approx. 2hrs teaching/demos)
 (explaining the system)
(Betting Chart, Plan, FAQ)
 (showing a simple way you can make £50 in 10 minutes)

After purchasing you will download a ZIP file.

Inside the ZIP file will be a folder containing the files that make up this product.

Open the ZIP file, then drag the folder onto your desktop. This folder is now uncompressed and ready for you to access the Videos & PDF’s that make up this system.

9010 system file contents

Customer Reviews

These are some genuine customer reviews.

★★★★★ I am really impressed
by Carter James, on 24th

I am really impressed with this  90/10 system. I can make $10 profit in under 5 minutes using this online, and I can do it again and again. Sometimes i’ll play for 30 minutes and win 4 or 5 sessions, making $40 or $50 profit. Sometimes I can sit here for 3 hours straight and make over $200 profit from Blackjack and Roulette alone.

I’m in the US so it’s not easy finding online casinos that accept US players – therefore if you’re in the UK or other countries i’m sure you can do even better than me!

★★★★☆ Positive results
by Michael Schenk, in

I am experiencing positive results using the 90/10 betting system.

I have used it many times already and overall I am in profit. The system is very well laid out and explained well in the videos and documents. Even though I am German it was easy to learn for me. I play at the eurogrand and bet365 online casinos and have no problems so far. I would recommend this system to anyone for sure.

★★★★☆ My honest opinion (UK)
by Jim Stapleton in

Flamingtorch reached out to me and asked for a review about a week after I bought it. They did not pay me for this review or offer anything in return, they just asked me for my opinion which I was happy to give them.

I’ve used this for just over a week and I am pleased with it’s performance so far. I am in the UK and playing on Betfair. I mostly play live dealer Baccarat and Blackjack. This system has lost me a few sessions during my time using it. Blackjack games can be slow on live dealer and if you get a couple of losses right at the start it can take 20 minutes or more to recover and win, or end the session. This is just from my experience, i’m not sure what it’s like for others.

Overall I can say this system does work and it is worth the £197 GBP I paid for it. This is because it has paid for itself already. Everything I win from here onwards is all profit, so I am happy. The only gripe I have is that sometimes the sessions can take 20-30 minutes to win if they start off with a loss.

★★★★★ A genuinely brilliant system
by James Taylor, in

This is a genuinely brilliant system. No other system i’ve used can keep producing profits like this, over and over. The target is very small, which means it’s very likely and easy to reach that target.

At first I was very wary about paying a lot for this system, but let me tell you it is worth AT LEAST DOUBLE what they’re charging for it. In fact I would have gladly paid £500 for this system, because it’s made me more than that already in under a month. A massive thank you to the flaming torch team for this one, it’s your best system yet!

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90/10 system by flamingtorch

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9010 system
£199.99 GBP
£297.00 GBP
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