20/20 Roulette System

20/20 Roulette System

“Get our brand new 20/20 Roulette System and use it to make money playing Roulette, just like we did in Las Vegas!”

20/20 roulette system
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Welcome to our new 20/20 Roulette System!

We’re excited to finally release this and tell you all about it. Click below to play the video!

A Brand New Roulette System

When Adam switched to betting on Roulette in real casinos, he wanted a system that was easy to use in the real world, and something that produced good profits without taking big risks.  Using other methods, he was getting impatient and wanted something that produced profits, faster.

He needed a new system, something that was QUICK to place the bets on the table, and he didn’t want to have to remember a complicated betting sequence or to use progression.

This is how he eventually came up with the 20/20 Roulette System.

It’s called 20/20 because we aim to win £20 (or 20 units) per session, and the strategy is centred around the number 20.

It’s PERFECT for using at a real land-based Casino as it uses the same bet for every spin, but it’s also just as good for using online – so it’s the very best of both worlds.

It’s a flat bet system, where you place just a few chips on the table, in the same position, for every spin.

This makes it fast and easy to do on a real table (and even easier online of course).

After doing loads of in-house testing, we decided to fly Adam out to Las Vegas to put this system to the test – and he posted daily video updates of his trip for all to see on his VEGAS TRIP updates page.  After a very successful trip at the end of August 2019, we’re now releasing his 20/20 System so you can get it too!

Why THIS strategy is different

  • You DON’T rely on past spins. 
  • You DON’T have to wait for a trigger or a certain number to come up.
  • You DON’T have to remember any kind of betting sequence or progression.
  • You DON’T double your bet after a loss or a win.
  • You CAN join ANY Roulette game at ANY time.
  • You CAN play online, RNG, live dealer, or at a real land-based Casino.
  • You CAN use this on European or American roulette wheels.
  • And you CAN bet using any currency, in most countries.

Scroll further down this page and watch the other video showing this system being used live and making profits from many different roulette games.

Introducing our 20/20 Roulette System

Our 20/20 Roulette System works ONLINE and in Land-based Casinos!

WHY we called it ’20/20′

It’s called 20/20 because we aim to win £20 (or 20 units) profit per SESSION, and the strategy is centred around the number 20, and all the numbers in the 20 range actually.

It’s PERFECT for using at real land-based Casinos, but it’s also just as good for using online – so it’s the very best of both worlds.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that we can’t possibly be covering much of the table with each spin if we’re only focusing around the number 20…. with this system, we’re covering 65% of the numbers with every spin!

HOW This System Works

This system works by betting in Sessions.

We avoid big losses by not using any kind of progressive betting.

But we maintain the chance to win easily (win our session quickly) due to the placement of our chips on the table for each spin.

We bet in sessions, with 3 possible outcomes to each session.

We have a target amount of £20 (or 20 units) to win, a break-even stop-loss, and a -100 unit stop-loss.

The break-even stop-loss is nice addition which other systems don’t have, it aims to prevent you reaching the -100 stop-loss if the session isn’t going well – break-even sessions don’t happen too often, but they’re handy when they do and avoid a loss.

We’ve created a simple betting chart which explains the entire strategy simply on one page for you, and it’s easy to memorise.

So whether you’re planning on playing Roulette in a real Casino, or an online Casino, this 20/20 Roulette System will be the perfect strategy for you to use.

NOTE: This system is NOT based on our other Roulette Systems.

How much you could win (realistically!)

Well, as with all gambling there are no guarantees but lets get super-realistic

Let’s assume you don’t want to play every day, and you just play 2 days a week and only aim for ONE SINGLE WINNING SESSION per day.

That would still equate to £160 per month (£1,920 per year!!) – and that’s hardly using it!


Your bankroll should be £200

You should start with £200.00 GBP (or whatever your currency is USD, EUR, AUS).

With THIS system a bankroll of £200 is needed because we’re betting £16 per spin and we need to plan for some losing spins during a session.

With £200 in the bank, we’d be aiming for £20.00 profit from each winning session.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Use at ANY online or land-based Casino
  • Play in ANY accepted currency (£,$,Eu)
  • Min starting bankroll £200 (200 chips)
  • No software to install or run
  • Has been tested in Las Vegas 
  • 100% LEGAL TO USE
  • Download to any PC or MAC computer

Results from using The 20/20 System

We started looking into this system after Adam created it back in June 2019.  Once we tested and tweaked it and had the final version of 20/20, we tested it for over 4 weeks, playing many hours a day, and what we saw during that time was very positive.  Some days we would win a session on the first spin, and then go on to win over 10 sessions that day without a single loss.

Other days we would encounter a losing session, only to recover from it by the end of the day or the following day testing.

We definitely had some losing days during testing, but these were offset or recouped by multiple winning sessions as we went along.  This system was created initially for use on a real wheel.  We didn’t have any way to automatically record our sessions and document the results, other than doing it manually, so we decided to send Adam to Las Vegas publicly, to do a live test of the system and report his results.


When Adam went to Vegas and tested this system out over 10 days, he went with $2,000.
By his last day, he had turned that into $5,455 – a profit of $3,455!

This was not a ‘scientific experiment’ by any means – Adam had no idea where he would be playing from day to day, he played any tables he could find (live tables and digital touchscreen live wheels) and simply kept track of what his bankroll was up or down to each day.  It was meant to be a fun trip for him (first time in Vegas) and he did his best to keep everything on track, despite being told off multiple times for filming the games.

As it turns out, he would of actually had a few hundred dollars more profit, had he not tipped the dealers on the live tables (others were doing that) or the waitresses bringing him drinks (felt obliged to), or paying for the odd cab ride between casinos over the course of the trip.  All things considered, to end with a profit of $3,455 was great.

That went a long way towards paying for the whole trip.  Especially when you consider he played on American tables with double zeros (which are worse than European tables with a single zero).  He used the ‘Vegas Edition’ of the Betting Chart (which is included), but essentially its exactly the same as the normal 20/20 Betting Chart, except the amounts are much bigger.

He started with $2,000 not $200, and was betting $160 per spin instead of $16 per spin. But it worked out great and we’d definitely use this system again in Vegas or in any casino.

We recommend Live Dealer play with this system – because it’s a real wheel.  However, if you have no choice but to play RNG Roulette games, then there is no reason why 20/20 cannot be used, as long as you trust the RNG game you are playing is fair.

Preview & Demonstration Videos

Click below to watch clips from the Videos included in the system:

In Video 3 (of the system), you will see the full unedited demonstrations, using the above Roulette games. It’s important to show a variety of different Roulette games so you know it’s not just one particular version of the game you have to play.

Questions & Answers

Is this system similar to your other Roulette Systems?

NO, this system (strategy) is not based on our previous Roulette Systems.

Could I get banned from the casino if I keep winning?

NO, you’re playing within the games rules and you’re not doing anything wrong.

Do I HAVE to use Betfair if playing online?
NO, you can use any online casino that offers Roulette. But we would always advise LIVE DEALER Roulette over RNG Roulette.  Other than Betfair you could use William Hill, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Sky Vegas, Bet Victor, Mr Green, Virgin Games and many others. Things change from time to time so it’s up to you to find and use a casino that you trust.

What do I need to get started?

A copy of this betting system and a bankroll of 200 at least.

Could I use the system to play Roulette at a real casino (land-based)?

YES. You would just need to memorise the Betting Chart.

I am not in the UK, can I use this system in the USA or outside the UK?

YES, this is not a UK-specific system. You can play online or at a real land-based casino anywhere in the world. Try and play on a single-zero wheel (european style) if possible and find a low stakes table that allows low stakes on outside bets.

What currency can I use?

Whatever currency your casino uses. Pounds, euros, dollars – it’s all good.

What should my starting bankroll be?

A minimum of £200. Anything over that is also fine.

How much will I have to stake for each bet?

You will be betting £16 or 16 units per spin. (if you decide £1.00 is equal to 1 unit).

What exactly will I be betting on?

This is revealed in the system.

Where can I use this betting system?

Any Casino. Online or land-based. But we recommend LIVE DEALER Roulette if possible.

Is this system based on any other Betting System?

No. This system (strategy) is unique to FlamingTorch.

How can I avoid losses (losing sessions)?

You can’t. They’re unavoidable. They happen. You should understand this as part of gambling at your own risk (otherwise don’t ever gamble). But we found we had many more winning sessions than losing sessions using this system, and were able to profit from using it.

Is this system still working TODAY?

YES. We regularly check the game and our system every few months to ensure it’s still working. If something changes with the game that affects our betting strategy, we update the system accordingly.

Are Online Games ‘FIXED’ to force us to lose?

Probably not. Every casino game has a house edge in-built so there’s no reason for LEGITIMATE online casinos to cheat. However, the only way to be SURE of this, is to avoid RNG Roulette where possible and play online at Live Dealer casinos, or play in Land-Based casinos.

Is this a ‘get rich quick’ system?

Definitely Not. That’s not possible unless you take huge risks with huge amounts of money. It’s MUCH better to win large amounts of money over time, with many small regular wins.

What is this system designed to do?

We (Adam) designed this system to be used on a real Roulette wheel, in a real casino – something fast and easy, that gives you the chance to win a session quickly, even after a few losing spins in a row.  The bonus is that it works the same online with Live Dealer Roulette, and if you’re vigilant you can use RNG Roulette too.

Can I win regular amounts of money, like £150-£250 per month?

YES it’s possible.  We cannot guarantee any particular amounts but it’s perfectly possible that you could win this amount using this system.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No, all sales are final as you cannot return a digital downloadable product. This is the same policy Apple and Amazon have on their digital downloads.
Genuine customers understand this. They know that they need to invest in new systems if they want to LEARN and understand more about a game. If you keep doing what you currently do, you’ll keep getting the results you currently get! You need to invest to improve.

What happens after I make payment?

After making payment and completing the checkout, you’ll receive an email within a few minutes containing a download link to get your product. Your download link will also be available in your Order History inside Your Account on our website.

What EXACTLY will I receive in my download?

When you download your product, you will receive a ZIP file which will be saved to your computer. Inside the ZIP file will be a folder containing the files that make up this product (Videos and PDF Documents). See the section below titled ‘Here’s What You’ll Receive‘ to see the contents.

What happens if I don’t receive my download link by email?

You should receive an email within a few minutes after ordering containing a download link to get your product. If not, your download link will also be available in your Order History inside Your Account on our website.
You can also Contact Us and we’ll reply and help you right away (usually within a few hours).

What happens if I need HELP?

If you have any questions you can Contact Us and we’ll reply and help you right away (usually within a few hours).

Can I ORDER on a mobile device (iPhone/iPad)?

YES, you can place your order on a mobile device BUT you must download the actual product to a PC or MAC computer (desktop or laptop). After ordering on your mobile device, you’ll receive a download link by email – so just check your email on your PC or MAC and click your download link to get your product.

Can I DOWNLOAD the product on a mobile device (iPhone/iPad)?

NO, you must download the product to a PC or MAC computer (desktop or laptop). You can ORDER on your phone or tablet, and after ordering on your mobile device, you’ll receive a download link by email – so just check your email on your PC or MAC and click your download link to get your product.

Important Requirements

  • Bankroll – We recommend at least 200 chips.
  • PC or MAC Computer (desktop or laptop) in order to open the ZIP File and access the product (you can order on mobile or tablet and download to your computer as we email your download link to you after purchase).
  • Good Internet Connection needed to download your product (any broadband speed, 1mbps or more).
  • PDF Viewer installed to open documents (if not, get for free HERE).
  • Media Player installed to watch videos (if not, get for free HERE).

If you’re unsure of anything just Contact Us.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

This betting system product consists of:

3 x VIDEOS (approx. 50mins teaching/demos)
1 x MANUAL PDF (explaining the system)
1 x FAQ
 (Betting Chart)
1 x BONUS PDF (Vegas Edition Betting Chart)

After purchasing you will download a ZIP file.

Inside the ZIP file will be a folder containing the files that make up this product.

Open the ZIP file, then drag the folder on to your desktop. This folder is now uncompressed and ready for you to access the Videos & PDF’s that make up this system.


Customer Reviews

These are some genuine customer reviews.

★★★★★ It worked in Vegas!
by Adam @ FT, on 30th August 2019

I know i’m biased because it’s my system, but we don’t have any customer reviews as it’s just launched, so I thought i’d give you my review of using the 20/20 System in Las Vegas instead!  When I went to Vegas and tested this system out over 10 days, I went with $2,000, and came back with $5,455.

I really did go to Vegas and do that.

The winnings actually went a long way towards paying for my whole Vegas trip!

I can tell you honestly that I was a bit nervous about sitting at tables in these huge American casinos, I had never been to Vegas before.  So I started on the touchscreen Roulette tables (they have a real wheel) and after a while I moved on to some real tables.  I also thought using the system might not be so good on the American wheels, but I either got lucky or it didn’t make too much difference.

I did see many people losing around me though – some people just betting over and over losing money they’d just won!

Hear me when I tell you that the key to this system is betting in sessions – you must stop when ahead, or stop when you hit the stop loss.

Not doing this causes problems and is the single most common reason why some people fail – they have a loss and then the system goes out the window and they start betting big to win back that loss – this always ends in disaster, so don’t do it.

I’ll keep using this system when playing Roulette either online or in real casinos, because I’ve seen what it can do, and I love it!

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